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»Torque Converter Promises Fuel Savings (May 5th, 2011 - 04:01 PM)
Blumenthal MFG was quoted in The Lawton Constitution article written in October 2008.

Torque converter promises fuel savings
An Oklahoma City company has developed technology that its engineers say greatly improves gas mileage in many vehicles.

Field testing of vehicles outfitted with the Blumenthal Companies' patented Fuel Saver torque converter including by the Duncan Police Department and Comanche Nation resulted in gas savings of 24 to 59 percent, Blumenthal senior general manager Robert Yarbrough said.

The torque converter, also referred to as a Power Lock Fuel converter, offers a mechanical improvement of transmission function. It works by reducing "slippage" of automatic transmissions in rear-wheel drive vehicles from about 16 percent to roughly 7-9 percent. Yarbrough explained that insertion of a "floating plate" effectively changes a single clutch into a double clutch, "so instead of slipping and turning, it grabs and goes. It basically gives from two to three times the surface area to grab."

Not only does the converter improve fuel efficiency; it also has shown to enhance power and performance, and no problems have been reported in testing that has been going on over the last couple of years, Yarbrough said.

Blumenthal is a nearly 60-year-old company that holds contracts with large organizations, such as the Department of Public Safety and COTPA (Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority), but also does work for individual consumers, providing remanufactured engines, transmissions and drivelines, among other products and services....

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