Blumenthal Companies Departments
Blumenthal Companies provides parts and service for manual transmission, automatic transmissions, performance transmissions, classic and antique cars, as well as engines and drive shafts for practically any make or model of vehicle or truck on the road. We service light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty vehicles and equipment of all shapes and sizes, including industrial forklifts.

Our Automatic Transmissions can accommodate cars, trucks, buses, industrial, marine, and much more. From your mint condition classic car, to your down and dirty rock crawler, we have what you need for peak performance. Blumenthal engines cover a wide variety, including: automotive, marine, industrial, natural gas, and even CNG. Our driveshaft department has expertise in CV joints, axles, U-joints, yokes, and much more. Let our expertise guide you.

To order a part, kit, or product from Blumenthal Companies, please contact us today!