Blumenthal Automatics, Inc.
Limited Warranty
Remanufactured Automatic Transmissions

Blumenthal Automatics, Inc., Automatic Transmission Division herinafter referred to as BAT, warrants its remanufactured automatic transmissions to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service, for the period as noted on the Warranty Registration Card from the date of purchase with the exclusions noted herein. New parts carry the original manufacturers warranty only. The BAT Warranty is not transferable and includes exchange, repair or reimbursement at BAT's sole discretion. In the event that BAT authorizes a warranty exchange, R&R labor shall be reimbursed at 100% of the hours listed in the Chilton Labor Guide and Parts Manual at a rate of $30.00 per hour. The maximum time allowance to remove and replace (R&R) an automatic transmission shall not exceed eight (8) hours, or $240.00. The labor allowance for an authorized field repair (repair not requiring replacement) shall not exceed three (3) hours and shall be paid at $30.00 per hour. The BAT Limited Warranty becomes effective on the date of purchase when the Warranty Registration Card is returned from the original purchaser within 30 days of purchase. Failure to return Warranty Registration Card to BAT within 30 days of sale date shall void warranty. Failure to obtain prior approval from BAT before any disassembly or service on any BAT remanufactured transmission immediately voids warranty. BAT approval must be given in the form of a Purchase Order number or RGA number. All vehicle maintenance records must be made available to BAT at the time of Warranty Request.

The BAT Limited Warranty does not cover the following:

1. Transmission or internal parts that are damaged by abuse, neglect, accident or filled with improper oil or not filled with proper oil;
2. Towing Charges;
3. Vehicle rental while your unit is down;
4. Loss of time, Inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle, commercial loss or consequential damages;
5. Any transmission which has been improperly installed or fails because of defects or inefficiency of parts or units not furnished with the transmission - such as flywheel, flex plate, drive shaft, oil cooler etc.;|
6. Any transmission operated under conditions causing greater than normal wear or used for purposes for which it was not originally desinged - such as stationary power units and racing applications etc.;
7. Any transmission installed in vehicle for which transmission was not specified by transmission remanufacturer as original equipment option - such as passenger vehicle transmission installed in truck or RV;
8. Gaskets not installed by the remaufacturer are the responsibility of the installer and are not covered under this limited warranty;
9. Any transmission which fails due to parts not factory installed - such as turbochargers, superchargers, etc;
10. Any transmission which fails due to improperly adjusted shift linkage, detent cable, and TV PSI etc.;
11. Any transmisison that fails due to contaminated, defective or plugged oil cooler. BAT supplies a cooler with every unit necessary. Failure to install the cooler, bypass the radiator and flush the cooler lines voids all warranty.

Repair or replacement under warranty does not extend the warranty beyond the original purchase date.

To validate warranty this registration card must be received by BAT within 30 days of date of purchase.

As a member in good standing of the ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group) in an out of state situation you may contact any ATSG authorized repair center nationwide. Warranty service or rpeairs may commence ONLY when authorization is obtained by BAT in the form of a purchase order number or RGA number.

Warranties DO NOT include repairs or replacement of any out of transmission electrical, wiring or sensors. Computer controlled transmission failure may be caused by electircal components outside of the transmission. BAT is not responsible for damage caused by water, dirt, accident, road hazard, normal wear and tear or any act of God - such as tornado, flood etc.

Proper diagnosis and repair is paramount to prevent a re-occurance of transmission failure. If proper diagnosis and code clearing procedures are not followed BAT will not be held responsible in the event of repeated transmisison failure.

This limited warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Remedies and damage, whether in contract, tor, or otherwise are limited to those expressly provided in theis warranty. In no event, whether as a result of breach of contract, breach of warranty or alleged negligence or any other cause whatsoever, shall BAT be liable for special, incidental or consequential damage. By the acceptance of the product(s) the purchaser agrees, except with respect to procduct warranty claims, for which BAT's obligations are set forth in this limited warranty, to protect, defend, hold harmless and indemnify BAT from and against any and all claims, actions, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses including, without limitation, legal costs, punitive damages, consequential damages and/or penalties, arimisng out of any cause by whosoever suffered. Purchaser further agrees that any legal action what-so-ever be brought before the jurisdiction of the courts in Oklahoma County, in the state of Oklahoma, and all costs shall be paid by purchaser.


1. WHO TO CONTACT: Contact the Seller of the transmission. The Seller is the administrator of the warranty and will contact the remanufacturer. You will be referred back to your installer or to a repair facility. The Seller is the business from which the transmission was purchased. if you are in another state, city or town, still contact the Seller.

2. PRIOR APPROVAL: All warranty repairs, including any replacement parts or labor, must have prior approval of the remanufacturer. It is the administrators responsibility to contact the remanufacturer in the event of a warranty. Your failure to contact the seller to obtain prior approval for any warranty repair will void the warranty.

3. RETURN OF PARTS: Claims for repair work must be substantiated with defective parts and work order. Upon arrival at remanufactuere's factory all claimed defective merchandise is inspected. Credit will be allowed providing that the transmission or part that is defective in material and/or workmanship and iswithin the warranty period.

4. AUTHORIZED REPAIRS: The dealer or garage making the repairs must guarantee any repair that has been authorized by the remanufacturer. Repair or replacement does not extend the warranty period beyond the time/mileage period of the installation. No warranty payment shall exceed the cost of repairs at Blumenthal Automatics, Inc.

This document or an original invoice must be presented at the time the vehicle is delivered for warranty repair. Should you encounter a problem in the administration of your warranty our toll free number is (888)236-4800. Please have the following information ready: seller name, date of sale, current mileage on vehicle, vehicle tag number and your name and address.

Failure to drain and clean oil from a unit is NOT acceptable by the EPA Hazardous Materials Shipping Guidelines and the BAT shipping and receiving department will not accept delivery from any common freight carrier of any unit not drained.

Form No. 166-87
PRC-135 Rev. Level: B
Date: 12-16-04