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The Blumenthal Companies: Shifting Into The Fast Lane

It is said that for a business to grow, it must be ready to shift gears. One company that's successfully managed to shift gears over the years, while at the same time servicing the gearshifts of their customers, is the Oklahoma City-based Blumenthal Companies.

The Blumenthal Companies include Blumenthal Manufacturing Company, Blumenthal Automatics, Inc., Blumenthal Heavy Duty, Inc., Blumenthal Drivelines, L.L.C., and Automatic Machine Works, L.L.C. Together these companies offer everything in both drive train and power train components: engines, clutches, automatic and manual transmissions, drivelines, and differentials. If it's 'In Chassis' it's their forte.

Blumenthal Manufacturing was founded in Oklahoma City in 1949 by I. H. Blumenthal Sr. Blumenthal Manufacturing initially offered automotive transmissions to Sears and Roebuck, OTASCO, Western Auto, and Montgomery Wards. After college and service in the US Armed Forces I. H. Blumenthal Jr., or "Dunnie" as customers and friends know him, joined the business with his father and laid the groundwork for both physical and financial growth.

"When we began, we had cores stacked everywhere," Dunnie Blumenthal said. "We only had one building, we now have 16 buildings with over 225,000 feet full of engines, transmissions, differentials, clutches and other power train components, our business size and sales grew right along with our core inventory." The company's business grew based primarily on Dunnie Blumenthal's dream and his dedication to quality and service first, and price last.